Visit the residence life of Hostelers

With a multitude of housing and dining options for both boys and girls in the campus, all hostlers of the college community can find the accommodations that make KKCEM feel like home.

Living here is an essential part of the KKCEM experience

All of our residence halls are within a couple minutes' walk of each other - and classes not much farther away. Along that walk, students enjoy such amenities as palm-tree terraces, cafes, vibrant vistas and recreation centers. Just one stroll around campus and you'll understand why more than 56% of freshmen live here.

Living on campus provides students the total college experience and extends learning beyond the classroom through social and educational activities. Students develop a sense of community that allows them the opportunity to form connections with students from diverse backgrounds who have similar interests and aspirations. College isn’t just about classes and curriculum. Interaction and recreation keep minds and bodies active. KKCEM supports students’ social development alongside academic growth.

KKCEM Experience

By living in an environment that they can truly call home. The TU Housing Department offers a variety of options to meet the needs and lifestyles of all students. So whether you prefer to live alone or with a group of friends, there is a place for you at KKCEM.

Residence Life Mission

Residence Life seeks to provide a safe environment that encourages learning and personal growth in an inclusive community that empowers and challenges our residents. We continually strive to improve our services to meet the needs of our students and reflect the high standards of living.

Residence Halls

Living on campus is about more than sharing a room. It's about building community. Our campus seperate residence for boys and girls support learning and growth outside the classroom with individual support, special programs and unique learning environments.

Dining Options

KKCEM Dining ensures the delivery of high-quality food with your choice at a variety of venues (Veg as well as Nonveg), each of which helps create a sense of community and comfort among faculty, staff, and students in boys and girls hostel both.

Benefits Of Living On Campus

  • Distance from college is less

    You don’t have to worry about traveling long distances when you live in a college hostel. Campus hostels are within walking distance from the college. If you need to get to the college urgently for some work you won’t have any issues. This will help you to keep your attendance good as when you don’t have to walk miles or travel long distances you don’t search for excuses for not going to the college.

  • Preference in college activities

    This obviously is the good part of staying in a college hostel. During the college activities, fest or any kind of event in the college the hostelers are given a preference over the students who don’t reside in college hostel. A hosteler is always the first one to know about any new activity of the college. Students can access college libraries even in the later hours of the day. They can use the college garden for sports activities during the free hours of the day. The college faculties know the hostel students better than the ones who live off- campus.

  • More security

    That is the top most advantages of getting into a college hostel. College hostels are more secure, this is a fact. These hostels ensure that drunken people or people with wrong intentions are not coming to the college at all times. With more rules the security increases. College dorms provide with safe lockers to keep your valuables and your money in it. You even feel secure that you are not living alone.

  • Better concentrate on studies

    When a person lives in a hostel he is off the worries of home and hence he can properly concentrate on the studies. You don’t have to change your schedule just because of some guests or you do not have to do the household work. Hence you get proper time to study. Hostel life teaches a person the values he/ she needs in his life. He becomes independent and more responsible. You get a new self confidence when you have to manage your things by yourself.

  • Learn to manage expenses

    Hostels really teach you this. People survive on mere Rs 100 for a week which seemed too less just for a day when they used to stay at home. When you are given a particular amount of money for a month you definitely learn its value. You remain cautious while lavishly spending your money keeping in mind that you may need in future for some important work. Hostel life teaches you to use your money wisely.

  • You make lots of friends

    There are more chances of making friends with new people in college hostels than otherwise. There are more students enrolled in a campus hostel than in any other off campus hostels. This increases the chances of meeting new people of the common interests and hence you have more chances to make friends. If you are a week student you can always ask for help from your hostel-mates. Hostel life teaches a person to cooperate. It also cultivates the feeling of healthy competition. With people of different tastes and likings you can always choose the one of your types.