Canteen is an important part of college life

The objective of the Canteen and meal service is to protect by reducing the risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food.

The KKCEM Canteen is open for lunch for everyone! Why not give it a try?

Our Canteen, an important part of college life, It tends to be the most popular place on campus , not only for physical refreshment but also for students chatting , gossiping, discussion and even work on assignments and projects. The Canteen is a small building with a seating capacity of fifty members have separate area for the staff and students. A variety of refreshments and meals are available here. This is the place not only for physical refreshment but also for student bonding, discussions and even work on assignments and projects. Canteen is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM on all working days. Be it the regular chai or the occasional soft drink doze, canteen visit is a must for every college student. Every story and every conversation is incomplete if not told in the canteen along with a plate of samosa and a cup of chai.

kitchen Cleanness

Canteen of KKCEM has a big kitchen with steam cooking facility and kitchen staff take extra care to provide the students and staff with nutricious and hygenic food in the campus canteen. Food items are prepared with RO treated water.

A student Says

“Canteen is a lifeline. If we’re hungry between lectures, we run in, eat something and come back to class. It’s the place where we hangout most of the time, be it a break or during a bunked lecture. Food compliments a good conversation.”

Stationary Stores and a big Mart

Stationery Stores

KKCEM Stationery Stores caters to all needs of the students in connection with academics. It sells all items at a nominal cost to students. The stores is located within campus which is the greatest source of consumptions of stationary products. This is available to meet daily requirement of stationery materials like pen, pencils, glues, chart papers, sketches, scales, note books, etc.

Campus Mart

K. K. College of Engineering & Management has its own mart in the premises of campus offers a variety of custom clothing options, including custom screen printed t-shirts, embroidered sweatshirts, imprinted mugs, imprinted bucket and many more.


The Sports Item Shop has everything that you need for play game (indoor/outdoor), including:

  • Balls
  • Racquets for badminton, squash and tennis
  • Sports apparel


The Campus Health Centre’s on-site pharmacy, offers Drugs include:

  • Consultations with a pharmacist
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Prescription medication dispensing
  • Student insurance plan coverage