KKCEM Classrooms, Labs & Library

If you don't understand something or find yourself confused, ask questions. Use the course instructors and teaching assistants as your resources for helping you learn.

The Categories of Book Hunters

We should provide access to books in our classes with the same differentiated approach that we bring to any other lesson, assessment, or activity because there are, I believe, four categories of students who pursue books.

The Book Stalker

students who will seek out the book they want, regardless of locale. They get a mere whiff of a good book in the air, and they pursue it. They understand how to choose books and seek out advice.

The Library Literate

These are students who won't or can't go to a store, but who are comfortable enough to go to the local library, perhaps seeking advice from the friendly face on the other side of the desk.

The Lunchtime Lurker

Students who may be comfortable only at the school library. This may also be the only place where they feel safe. Perhaps they escape lunchtime trauma by diving into the dark corners of the library's stacks, surrounded by countless books.

The Frightened Bibliophobe

Students who are so frightened of books, of literacy, and of choice, that they feel comfortable only in their classroom library, reaching for books they know exactly where to find and trusting you, who understands their fears and reading insecurities.

Labs & Workshop Environment

One of the main objectives of K. K. College of Engineering & Management, Dhanbad is to establish state- of- the- art infrastructure facilities that enable students to develop their creativity. The vision is to instill scientific temper and technical expertise in the minds of the student community. The Campus provides a conducive environment for academic pursuit and encourages students to excel in their areas of specialization.

Faculty-Student relationship

Everyone who belongs to the institute, whether a student, or a member of the faculty, or the administrative staff, works in perfect tandem with the remainder, which closely binds together the entire college. Most of the faculty stay either on campus or close to it. The student faculty relationship is very congenial and it aids the proper development of the student, enabling the student to realize his/her true potential.
Each student has a faculty member as his or her Academic Counsellor, who not only guides them in choosing the right courses but also helps the student in overcoming any problems that he or she might face during the stay at KKCEM

Comming to college

Coming to college is a big step. It's one of life's major transition points because, for many, it is the first time we've been so fully responsible for our own daily activities. Nobody is here to look over our shoulders to see if we're doing what they think we ought to be doing. In some ways, that may feel like a relief; in other ways we may suddenly feel like we've been set adrift on an uncharted ocean.
Make out a study schedule, but make it realistic and include time to eat, sleep, and enjoy some leisure activities. Make short-term goals for yourself-something you want to accomplish today or over the next few days-that contribute to your longer-term goals.


At the K. K. College of Engineering & management, students participate in several compititive events organised by various colleges and brought award to the college. Having excelled at technical competitions, students brought merit at both state and national levels.