Welcome to K. K. College of Engineering & Management.

By enrolling at K. K. College of Engineering & Management, you will become a part of an institution whose name and outstanding reputation are recognized worldwide.

Dear students, in our institution, we nurture the holistic growth of students in a congenial and cognitive atmosphere of the natural fabric. ‘SaVidyaYaVimuktaye”. Innovative teaching and quality research is what we aim for the social uplift. In the 21st century the concept of pedagogy has got remodeled. In effect, overall infrastructure facilities have been optimized to cater wisdom and education for the next generation. We are confident that this modest approach will prove our institution as a sanctuary of the innovative minds for becoming a complete person. Quite simply, our mission is to rekindle the urge for manifestation of divinity and perfection in students.

Engineering education is a response to cater to the workforce-need for the emerging technology in the socio-economic scenario. An engineer, therefore, must acquire the quality to adopt and adapt the new technology and the engineering practice need be understood as a noble profession for producing statesman, leader, and vanguard of the society. In order to achieve this, understanding the basic principles of applied sciences must be raised to desired level together with adopting scientific methods of learning and application embedded with solid traditional values lurking in the human framework.

We know that each and every individual is unique by birth. The great creator has packed everyone with immense potential. We are using it to a paltry ~2-8% presumably. It is time to believe in yourself that you can do something very special and unique. You can leave an indelible mark in the progress of our civilization by just utilizing your potential a bit more.

"Here in our institution we pay attention to communication skills, cultures, and student-centric innovative teaching so as to cater to the need of the developing society."
Best wishes.

Prof. N. K. Singh


K. K. College of Engineering & Management